Sensei Ray visits Waterford Dojo

On Sunday 6th April Waterford Aikido welcomed Sensei Ray Butcher 4th Dan and his students to our Dojo.


Ray is the head instructor of Henshin Aikido and also teaches Brazilian Jujutsu and Ashtanga Yoga. He is a student of Patrick Cassidy Sensei based in Switzerland. Ray’s approach to Aikido is not unlike our own. Reishiki is performed the same way and like Takemusu has a good grounding in Kihon {basics}. Over the three hours we practiced many exercises, starting with Tai No Henko. Using the same principle and applying it to different situations, stances and technique. This is a wonderful way to train, and not to confusing for our beginners.

Ray also talked about the important of working with your partner to improve. For Uke to look for Keishi Waza {reversals} and in doing so improve Tori technique. It is important to not see Aikido in terms of taking Goes. Doing the technique 4 times and then changing sides. That is a boring mentality to have. Better to learn all the time and enjoy the entire practice. As Ray said ‘ It’s all Aikido ‘ He also spoke about not seeing your partner as separate but rather as an extension of yourself. This state allows for more free flowing movement.

After training Sensei Ray and his student Alan went to visit Inistioge and had some lunch made by my wife Susie. We exchanged stories and jokes, and had a stroll along the River. I very much look forward to having Ray back.

Henshin Aikido –





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