Following on from piece on Shoshin, beginners mind.

‘If your not confused your not paying attention’, attributed to Tom Peters, although I’am sure he wasn’t the first to say this let alone understand the concept, I heard it from my first Aikido instructor. Ties in closely with Shoshin {beginners mind}.

“Learn and forget, Make the technique a part of your body before you move on.” Morihei Ueshiba.

Had a few students struggling with this notion recently, of not trying to learn a lot in a short time, to absorb things slowly. People want to attain perfection in what they do, an ideal which more often than not gets in the way to improving at all, and of course affects their overall mental well-being negatively when pursued obsessively. Real progress {in life in general} tends to be gradual with the occasional leap and sometimes a stumble backwards. Confusion is an understandable and necessary part of study. When embraced your confusion can very much work to your benefit. If a student can stop to learn with their mind at least part of the time, they’ll have the chance the learn with the body. The mind can work later.To learn any movements requires a lot of repetition just to have a very basic level of technique. I suppose modern thinking tends to go in the opposite direction with people wanting quick results. Generally if a student is in a hurry to learn they don’t stay long. It becomes clear over a few weeks that progress in Budo takes longer than first thought, with a basic understanding taking a few years at least.

If Confusion is fixated on, you’ll just get more confused. So don’t worry about it.




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3 responses to “Confused?

  1. I must be learning something so, I seem to be permanently confused!

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Joseph. 🙂 It is better to be confused that to say “I understand”.

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