Starting Katori Shinto Ryu

Introductory Course to Katori Shinto Ryu. A traditional Japanese Martial Art.

Training will include Kenjutsu – Sword technique taught though paired Kata, and solo stance exercises.  Iaijutsu – Drawing the sword from the scabbard and cutting in a signal motion. At a later stage we train in Bo staff and Naginata.

Thursday evenings in Jerpoint, Thomastown from 7 till 9.30

Every few months I open up the Dojo and invite new students in. I prefer to have a few in the class at once, as opposed to a constant trickle of beginners. It benefits the more experienced students greatly. To revert to basics for a few weeks, can really improve the overall standard in the Dojo.

Currently the KSR class is small. Over the Summer frequently just one or two people showing up for training. Come September it’d be 4 maybe. So we have some space. Although not much. Only looking a couple more. I prefer to keep the class small. So I can train with each person and give some correction and advice to each student. Obviously I am also learning, and so keeping the class small is to my benefit also. I started this class two years ago with the guidance of Sensei Luigi Carniel, a 5th Dan in KSR under Yoshio Sugino. Sensei Luigi is living in Neuchatel, Switzerland. I will be going to train in his Dojo this October, anyone training in my Dojo is welcome to come along.

The first couple of classes will have a lot of repetition. Suburi, stances and Kihon exercises. Cutting with the sword, how to stand and a few simple paired forms. After about 6 sessions a student can expect to have learnt the first Kata of Kenjutsu and a couple of Iaijutsu forms. At this point training can become more enjoyable. Fun as it is, training requires focus and a relaxed kind of attentiveness. A beginning student is likely to be frustrated at some point. Just go with the flow, everyone learns at their own pace. Although we take our training seriously, there is no pressure to learn quickly or to keep up with others progress. Better to learn anything at your own pace, slowly allowing things to sink into your mind over months as opposed to days.

Phots taken by Jonny Whitwell of the Winchester KSR Dojo

Photo taken by Jonny Whitwell of the Winchester KSR Dojo

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