Shodan Please?

Hey Mister, Could I get a Black Belt with that?


Seriously though, I have been asked this on numerous occasions ‘How long does it take to get a black belt’ my answer being about 15 minutes. The time to takes to get online {in Ireland} and order one to be posted to your house. And while your at it, I can write out a cert on the back of this wee receipt I just found in my arse pocket.

This is one of a few stupid questions I have been asked, usually over the phone.

Another one is

‘here I was wondering, what kind of taek-won-do do you teach?’

Head hits the desk and I try to laugh, just because its better than crying. For fucks Sake, I have websites and there is plenty of info available on Aikido and Kenjutsu for people to read up on. Why must they call me? I’am a busy guy.

I usually don’t bother talking to people on the phone. In general I prefer face to face or email/text. If someone insists on discussing martial arts over the phone they will more often than not, not show up. And so just a waste of time.

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