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Sorry?- Don’t be

Hope this is helpful. This is based on many people passing through my classes the past 5 years. The sooner this automatic apologising can be gotten over the better. Its not about being polite. Actually saying Sorry out of context completely invalidates the word. And if I hear it repetitively for small things it loses all meaning.

I hear this a lot. Sorry, sorry, sorry. There is no need to apologise for making a mistake or not understanding something explained. This is perhaps one of the biggest mental blocks to making progress I have found in people. Its a bad habit that needs to be overcome and doing so will have positive repercussions on life in general.
Please don’t apologise for your existence. Its depressing to say the least. It shows that the individual is constantly disappointed with themselves. Not being Perfect isn’t a problem, but being upset about it is. So long as there is a focus on this, there cant be real genuine progress.

I think the only way to truly start understanding Budo is just to train and keep at it. Focusing on progressing is very counter productive. Worrying about getting better will only slow a person down. Anyone. Try to stop judging yourself and especially comparing yourself to others. A totally pointless thing to do. Quite understandably though in all fairness. Everyone feels like this sometimes. Accept it and keep training.

Our society is obsessed with progress. Few things are done for their own sake. To win at a game is a very small victory, to get a new grade is also. If reading a book only to know how it ends can you really enjoy the experience of just reading? A Dojo isn’t a place to get things right, its a place of study and you cant study anything without getting it wrong. I don’t know why a person would expect themselves to be able to come into a martial arts class and be able to train at the same level as everyone else. It has been said by many people that an instructor can only transmit a part of an art. It is up to student to absorb and make it their own. To begin to do this the mind must be clear.

Sorry? So Please forget about being Sorry and just accept yourself as you are. You ll be happier for it and so will everyone else.

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Kenjutsu Ireland – Photos by Katherine

Photo taken at recent seminar held by Kenseikai Ireland Iaido Dojo. We trained Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido and gave a short session of Katori Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu.

Next two pictures taken during one of our 3 hour sessions in Jerpoint. We hold these longer sessions at least once a month to cater for students who must travel far to train with us and therefore less frequently.

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