Shodan Exam – Katori Shinto Ryu

Photography by Vinz Morales

Last Sunday I was graded to Shodan in Katori Shinto Ryu by Sensei Luigi Carniel. Thanks to Sensei Luigi and all my training partners for helping me get this far. Also to Sensei Simone Chierchini who first introduced me to KSR. Fellow students and instructors under Luigi also taught me much. Jason, Roberto and Laurent. Thanks very much for patiently going over forms with me, often late at night and outside of regular practice and for not cutting me down in the process. Always my preference. Also thanks to my training group for sticking with it. Kieran, Aidan, Gill and Mat Campden. Especially to Kass, one of the first to start with me.

The Seminar. This was my 4th time attending this seminar which takes place in Neuchatel, Switzerland every October. From Ireland we were 4. The atmosphere at these courses in a wonderful balance of intensity and friendship. Sensei Luigi’s approach to teaching is inspiring. He trains with everyone and seems to leave a lasting impression with each of us.

I am always touched by the attitude of our group. There is a understanding that we are learning together through mutual respect. We can learn something from each person we train with, whether they have more experience or less. The training is valuable in and of itself.

Some more Seminar pictures. By Remy!

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Katori Shinto Ryu in Ireland. Sensei Luigi Carniel

March 18-20. This will be the first Koryu Budo Seifukai International Seminar of the Irish Branch.
Besides from a lot of quality Keiko, fun will be had by all. There will be at least one big social event with Food, Music and Beer from the Area.
There is plenty of accommodation in the village and the nearest town Thomastown. For people wishing to save on money there is space in the homes of our students.
Please email Joseph for all enquiries or call 00353 /857245321
Friday evening will be in our Jerpoint Dojo starting at 7. Short Keiko followed by Food and Music.
Saturday and Sunday in Inistioge.
Saturday 1pm till 3. 5 till 7. Sunday 10am till 1. 3 till 6. Cost of the Full Seminar 60euro.

 Facebook Event Page –


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6 responses to “Shodan Exam – Katori Shinto Ryu

  1. Tadeusz Młynarski


  2. gill

    A big congrates to you and well deserved, you are the most dedicated and exceptional teacher and we all love to train with you. Sorry for our absence over the last weeks we will be returning soon. Campdens

  3. Awesome! Congratulations! Peace!

  4. Kass

    Very well done. Much appreciation for all the great teaching: hope there will be many more years of it to come.

  5. Osameru Aikido

    Congratulations on the promotion. Thank you for sharing

  6. Congratulations! Brilliant photos as well!

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