FAQs – Aikido

Written for norevalleyaikido.com and waterfordaikido.com.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial Arts developed by Morihei Ueshiba based on his practice of several Martial Arts most notably Daito Ryu Jujutsu. The practice of Aikido includes weapons training in conjunction with basic training.

How is it different from other martial arts?

Aikido has a unique basis as an non violent martial art. With this in mind we aim to cause little to no damage. At a higher level this is internalised into a state of non contention. Aikido is also non competitive. All students teach each other and improve together. You can not get better without your training partners.

What is Aiki?

I have heard this term explained in so many different ways and I would recommend people to research this for themselves. In the context of Aikido, aiki is blending with your partner to led to a conclusion utilising extension and relaxed centered movement. After some years of practice this harmonization of opposites shifts from the external to the internal.

Does it work?

For self defence – There are two ways to answer this. Yes and No. If it is self defence that a student is specifically interested in learning they will likely give up very quickly. With Aikido it takes about a year to get even a  basic understanding of how it works and far longer for it to be considered as effective. For self defence there are far quicker and more efficient methods available. For the more subtle aspects of training to feel apparent it most definitely works. You should feel more relaxed and open from training . Also applying the principles of training into your daily life you may be able to resolve and avoid conflicts more often than not.

Is it good for you?

Yes I think so although it does depend on the individual. The training is quite sustainable in that all the movements should be natural for the body. You should start to feel more open and flexible after about a month. I find that I often have more energy after a class than before. Of course for the most benefit it is necessary to train as consistently as life will allow.

Who can train?

Anyone can train. The only requirement is an interest. Young and old can practice together. A student’s level of fitness is not an issue for starting. We train at our own pace. Risk of injury is kept to a minimum. Any personal injuries must be reported before starting so that it can be taken into consideration by all training.


Are there any guidelines for training?

  • Yes. Try to arrive on time and ready to train.
  • Always pay your respects to ‘kamiza’ and fellow students.
  • Never force unnatural or dangerous movements on yourself or others.
  • Look after your training partners, no one should get hurt.
  • Respect the training style and tradition of Aikido.
  • Do not engage in contests of strength.
  • Train as regularly and consistently as your life will allow.
  • Always enjoy your training.


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4 responses to “FAQs – Aikido

  1. Excellently written! Answers most of the common questions asked in a concise and insightful manner. Nice work. Peace!

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  3. Carmen Perez Pagan

    I would like to continue practising Aikido. Could I attend sometime next week? thanks.

    Carmen P. Pagan
    Tlf 0833805062
    email carmenp.pagan@gmx.es

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