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Aikido – Tachi Dori

Aikido Tachi Dori. Tori is myself Joseph Kennedy, Uke is Steve. Filmed in Kilkenny by Dominika. Editing and Music by me.

This is the first in a series I will make demonstrating Aikido technique when applied against sword, staff and tanto. I try to make good use of the blunt side of the sword and my partners grip on it. For example the Shiho-nage I show here is significantly different from what is usually performed. I step through my partners line whilst making a cutting action towards the leg. Being Aikido the Uke avoids this cut and stepping back. The end throw is not done with a step as usual but with a cut. Similar considerations are made in the other techniques. This training is very useful in teaching the Irimi principle. Irimi means entering. Enter as direct as possible. This may seem counter intuitive to some. The reasons become obvious with practice. If you step even a little to much to the side, the sword holder can simply turn and cut again. There are two ‘Good’ positions for Tachi Dori. One is to step in and be as close as possible, preferably striking while gaining control of the sword. The other Good position is a mile away.

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Iaijutsu – Jerpoint

Two Iaijutsu Kata performed by Myself. Kusanagi no ken. Gyakunuki no tachi.

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