Faye – Aiki

My daughter Faye performing Aiki at a Daito Ryu seminar last weekend.

Photo by Megumi Bourke.


The waza of the Muden Juku is suitable for all, both young and old can practice together as brute force is not required. Instead correct composure is taught and maintained through focused training. The hands are opened along with the spine and the feet and legs in Seiza grip into the ground. The position allows a gentle yet powerful extension from the center to enter the body of Uke and take the balance. This technique is called Aiki Age (pronounced Ag Ei). It is a fundamental Kihon or basic exercise. Most techniques contain it.

Tuition given by Oisin Bourke, a 4th Dan student of Iida Sensei of Sopporo. We train weekly in Thomastown. For information on Daito Ryu Aiki-jujutsu classes in Thomastown please contact Oisin via his website. daitoryu.eu

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