Japan Trip – Week 3

I returned to Ireland last Sunday and having had some time to reflect on my visit to Japan here is a short piece on the last part (for now) of my travels in Japan

I spent the last part of my trip in Tokyo! I stayed in a capsule hostel in the Chou district, a quieter part of Tokyo with easy access of the rest of the city via the metro. Stayed in a capsule was a surprisingly comfortable experience, not as tight as I would have thought, clean and well ventilated.

My main reason for wanting to visit Tokyo was to visit the Dojo of Onoha Itto Ryu. I spent a weekend training there. The Reigakudō is headed by Sasamori Takemi the 17th Soke of the school. I had meet Sasamori Sensei last year at a seminar in Italy and have wanted to learn more of this system since. It is a deeply fascinating Art, one that requires a great deal of focus to perform even the most basic of movements. The atmosphere at this Dojo needs to be experienced to be understood. It is both a very friendly, warm open environment and at the same time intense and serious. I was able to train with each person there and had a slightly different feeling of the Kata each time. As I am new to this School I was working on the first 5 Kata. These are quite short compared to Kata of other school. Each seems to focus on a specific principle requiring a lot of repetition to have any level of understanding. I am very grateful to Sasamori Soke for being permitted to train in his Dojo. Domo Arigato. Also thanks very much to his students there for their patience when training with me. Very much appreciated.

About my experince of Onoha Itto Ryu training in Italy last Year –

The rest of my stay in Tokyo was just 3 days. I had few plans for this time as I mostly just wanted to get a feel for the place. I toured around the city a bit, spent some time sitting in cafes and bars, just watching people go by, met up with an Argentinian friend ‘Nahuel’ for a day. Visited the Aikikai Hombu Dojo for a few classes and had a lovely night out with a couple of people I met there! Ate some strange, tasty food and sampled the local Drink!



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  1. What wonderful memories and friendships you’ve made! Ossu!

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